Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Animation prototype

Animation is probably the single thing we have been asked for most in this toolset. As it required making changes to the server it has taken time to accomplish.

Two basic prototypes are now available, which generate animated banner images for a single book or an author banner featuring several titles.

Animated banner generator

Any feedback would be welcome.

Monday, 7 May 2012

April Figures and an update

We are looking at migrating this blog to the SmashingReads website and allowing users to sign up for email updates when there is a new post.

Meanwhile here are the figures so far:

Jan 2012551803,146
Feb 20124607566,394
Mar 20125,3859,23162,702
Apr 20126,69610,59660,148

Uniques: Unique visitors not returning in 30 days.
Visits: All visitors.
Widgets: Widgets served.
These figures exclude bots.

The bandwidth cost has also gone up significantly. Back in January it was 12MBs, but not only are more widgets being served, but complex ones like the e-reader and store (which are becoming more popular) use more bandwidth. For the moment, we are covering the extra by adding Project Wonderful ads to the site.

In terms of widget progress, we now have animation support installed. It will take time to develop widgets that use it, but animated banners and buttons are in the works. If there is something you would like to see let us know.